Ernie's History

Ernie Parker coached and gave pitching lessons for over 30 years.  He coached and worked with one team from California where he won 9 ASA National Championships at all levels.  During that time, he also taught pitchers from other travel teams who also won national championships.  He worked with All-Americans at many top universities including UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State, Cal State Long Beach, Harvard, University of Tennessee, Cal State Fullerton, and many others.

Mr. Parker instructed pitchers in places such as Peru, Canada, Taipai China, Mainland China (twice), Spain (three times), Holland (four times), Hawaii (8 times), Alaska (4 times), and Italy.

Student Accomplishments

  • High School All-Americans
  • ASA National Champions at All Levels
  • College All-Americans
  • College World Series Champions
  • Players in the Women's Professional Leagues
  • Women's ASA Champions
  • Women's World Champions
  • Olympic Gold Medalists (3 times) ( Note:  Lisa Fernandez pitched the championship game for all 3 gold medals)

Ernie Parker's recent students have played for and excelled at the following universities:

  • UCLA
  • Arizona State
  • Notre Dame
  • Michigan (2)
  • Michigan State
  • Tennessee
  • Illinois
  • Ole Miss
  • Williams College