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Ernie Parker's Wrist Snapper
Ernie developed The Wrist Snapper training device to teach his students the importance of a prope..
All Star DVD 1 - Mastering the Winning Pitches  (Like 3 DVD's in One!)
In this DVD, you will learn the techniques for throwing three of the primary pitches used to clos..
Wrist Snapper "Shorty"
The Shorty provides all of the benefits of the world famous Wrist Snapper but in a more compact s..
All Star DVD 2 - Explosiveness, Speed, and Power Training  (Like 3 DVD's in One!)
This DVD will provide you with detailed instruction, drills, and techniques for developing Explos..
Pitcher's Break Point
Pitcher's Break Point allows coaches, pitchers and catchers to visualize the actual location and ..
Our All Star DVD Set Special - All Star DVD 1 and DVD 2
This specially priced set provides you with everything you need to throw the winning pitches. Wi..
The Cannonball by BenMac
The CANNONBALL is such a simple way of warming up, strengthening, and toning the arm, that it's u..
Mastering the Drop – Available on DVD and VHS
In this easy to follow fastpitch softball video Coach Parker helps the young athlete learn the me..
Fundamentals and Basic Techniques for the Windmill Pitcher and Developing the Drop
Every coach knows that the best pitchers and the best players are the ones who have learned the f..
Learning to Throw an Effective Riseball and the Super Change Up
Today’s coaches know that one of the most difficult pitches for hitters today is a moving rise ..
Throwing a Killer Curve and the Basics of a Successful Screwball
With today's advancements in hitting instruction, as batters get older, they are now able to get ..
Drills to Develop Your Pitching Skills and Build Strength
In this informative DVD, Ernie Parker teaches students numerous drills to develop the Windmill Pi..
Troubleshooting - How to Correct Problems with Every Pitch
Using fun and simple drills, Coach Parker shows how to increase ball speed and maintain good ball..
Ernie Parker's 5 DVD Set
This full set of new Ernie Parker DVD's will provide the aspiring pitcher with the Basics for get..
Fluorescent Wrist Snappers
The Wrist Snapper patented pitching training device now available in fluorescent color. Now you c..