Pitcher's Break Point

Pitcher's Break Point
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Pitcher's Break Point allows coaches, pitchers and catchers to visualize the actual location and amount of break for a pitch providing instant feedback. Get more out of every pitching lesson by focusing on the results of each adjustment made. The Pitchers Break Point is the silent coach. Not much has to be said when the pitcher can see for herself her progress. The better you get at making adjustments, the better equipped you are at fooling the batter.

This teaching aide gives you an advantage in becoming a pitcher vs. a thrower. This is a great tool for learning to locate your pitches and actually seeing the movement on the pitches. The flexible lines attached to the sturdy pole stands allow for the pitch to continue to the catcher while providing immediate feedback on how your pitches are moving. At most times, you cannot correct your ball action if you can't see it and this tool makes that possible. A must for every serious pitching prospect.

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